As the clock goes tick tack, the days go even faster.

I cannot believe it's already february, and the time goes by even faster now towards the summer.

When I put aside all my time to my boyfriend and family, work and school, and of course to my dear Royal Rose, is there not a lot of time left to work on my projects and hit the gym. My schedule is literally filled up. Now I appreciate all the time I get even more, to work and sleep, cause there is not much time for me to sleep. As I say; I can sleep when I get old. So every minute I get alone, is priceless. Although I enjoy work and school, I would more likely work out and spend as much time as I can with my boyfriend, family and friends. And Espen and I are going to the capital of Norway; Oslo, in two weeks. Can't wait to have some time away from Kristiansand.

As I said I have signed up for school, I now attend spanish course every tuesday. As a repetition from my first year in high school, 3 years ago. I have also started a few projects lately and I can't wait to show my results. I am knitting wool socks and a "plaid sweater" and sewing a kind of clothing pocket to my knittingneedles.

What I am most excited for, is that I have signed Rose and I up for competition in march. And the scary part is that we have never done it before. So cross your fingers, toes, paws and hope for good results! We cannot wait for the day to come, it's gonna be a blast showing her off to the judges!

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Silje S. Lopez

18.02.2015 kl.18:12

Ha en super kveld :)


18.02.2015 kl.18:23

Silje S. Lopez: Tusen takk, i like mte! :)

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