Wow. I am actually speechless!

Two days ago, the sun was shining and the weather gave Kristiansand the real feeling, telling us spring is on its way. Rose and I was at the beach taking pictures, enjoying the lovely company of ducks swimming around while she was hunting them back and forth. The temperature was amazing and the water was still cold but not as cold as a chill winter day.

Thats when I jinxed myself.... Cause damn... Its winter all over again!

Rose and I were thinking we should move somewhere warm, summer all year around is not a bad idea for us. We both love summer. But again, we love Norway, and thats like bursting our own dreaming bobble... lol

So while we wait for spring and summer to come, we can have a little sneak peak on our lovely spring-moment at the beach...

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26.03.2015 kl.15:32

Cute pics <3


26.03.2015 kl.16:39

Oslofru: thank you so much :)

Iselin Rene

26.03.2015 kl.20:04

s st :)


26.03.2015 kl.20:08

Iselin Rene: Takk for det :)


28.03.2015 kl.01:24

My goodness! I really love you pictures! They are beautiful! Have you been studying photography?


28.03.2015 kl.01:27

Louicia: Hi Louicia ! You for real? Thank you so much.. Means a lot to me. No, I havent studied photography to become a photographer, if thats what youre asking. But I had 2 semesters in America with a photography class, tho I dont feel like I actually learned anything there, other than making powerpoint presentations with the pictures in. lol :)

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