We are now entering a new saturday, and closing up another friday night.

As our daily routine Rose and I have a grooming hour together, and just before going to bed; we both brush our teeth. So when her ears are done getting cleaned, she spins around, jumping like a gazelle, knowing we are ready to go snuggle up in bed..

Today my family, Rose and I have been walking together all around Jegers. It has been a terrific day! My goodness, the summer is getting even closer now! As we have been on our long walk, Rose and I have been training due to her tendency to bark at dogs and other human beings (especially men), but she is absolutely doing a lot better. With such a potential, I am sure she will quit bark at dogs in the end of this upcoming summer season!

But for now, I am just happy she is having a good time, and seems quite relaxed around my sisters, their sons and boyfriends who are visiting for easter.
So.. Tomorrow we are gonna spend the day in Mandal, with the rest of the whole family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and their children and friends and so on. I believe we are gonna be a huge crowd.

Happy easter <3

From Rose and I.

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