As the days go by here in Kristiansand, Monday comes faster than what I would like it to, and it makes me miss the weekend even more already.

Back in old tracks, I have finally found my motivation to focus on going to the gym; exercising like I did approximately 5 to 6 days a week in 2014. I found the inner strength to keep my head up and look forward, in other ways; I have moved on, and ready to push myself beyond my comfortable zone and reach for the impossible!

Quote for today:
"If you strongly believe that you can do something impossible, you will have the strength to do what people told you, you weren't able to do. Just prove them wrong."

As the title goes, I refer to the time in america when I was, in other words, a "bigger" girl, with less muscles and more fat.
I am gonna show you how much I have lost, I just need the strength and man up for it ;)

But for now, have a lovely start tomorrow! ITS MONDAY!

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