O´ happy day!

Hey guys!


So yesterday I screwed up, and forgot my shift at work. Due to lots of extra work, my head has not been working lately, so I unfortunately forgot and came 30 minutes later. I know. A big screw up..

Well. Besides that, my day has been amazing cause I have had a day off! I have been walking outside with Rose and just enjoyed the nice weather. It´s so much fun to look at Rose to see how far she has come. Cause when I first met her, she did´t listen outside when I called her name and it felt like she had never been walked with in a leash. Sometimes she took off, ran after cats, barked at people and had this odd behaviour. - Nothing is the same anymore. She comes when I call her name, the cats in the neighbourhood don´t bother any longer, and I cannot recall her last bad behaviour, cause she is just such an angel! She is my angel.

Yesterday my sisters turned 13 years! My goodness! Give it up already, I just can´t believe they are growing up so fast. But I am a proud big sister. Happy birthday! <3




Now in this moment, my third chocolate mask (3 days in a row now, lol) is put on, and Rose is all curled up next to me. I know it´s not, but my life is currently as close as it can be to perfect :) 



Have a good night.
- Becca & Rose

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