A big secret

Have you ever felt like there is just so much you want to tell people. The butterflies in your tummy are just going crazy, and you just want to shout out the words. Keeping a secret is not really easy, especially not to me, cause I cant lie. I just cant. But this time, too much is going on, and I just cant tell no one.

Its probably gonna end in tears, but in happy tears, I hope.. And the days are numbered now... I just cant wait. Its like the world is spinning around my head..

In 8 days, the process of getting an apartment is getting started. I hope I will be the one getting one, cause I could really need a place of my own now. Starting at the university and having my own place, would be more than I could have asked for. Luckily I am working and earning money, so if the plans for this summer wont work with getting an apartment, I would just continue staying at home, and then try again next year, if not next year is the year Ill be buying my own apartment. There are so many opportunities, and if something doest work out, more doors will open and I will have other chances.

Today is gonna be a good day. After weeks of trying not to go to the dentist, I am finally giving in, due to no problems with my teeth. Afterwards I am going to the gym, and then home to get ready for work. YAY.. x)

Have a good day!

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