Mange forandringer

Igjen er vi tilbake for komme med en liten oppdatering!

Rose og jeg var i helgen som var, 16-18 oktober, i Hamar i vikingskipet.
Der konkurrerte vi mot 10 andre Chinese Cresteds om plassering i ringen, men hellet gikk ikke helt med oss. Ikke at det var mlet vre best, men hadde jo vrt gy med en liten tittel, men s heldige var vi ikke. Vi hadde det gy og koste oss utrolig mye.

Det fikk holde med en Very Good, Bl slyfe. Og en haug av opplevelser og 2 lrerike dager.

Project ; Moving out!

Jeg har noen gode nyheter komme med til dere!


Endelig er tiden her ! Og jeg kan ikke vente med f hentet nklene og f flyttet alle sakene mine inn i leiligheten! :)
Bildene av leiligheten, og hele innflyttings prosessen kommer fortlpende! nsk meg lykke til!

Jeg har ftt leilighet rett bak UIA, som er utrolig fin beliggenhet i forhold til spicheren og ikke minst UIA rett foran dren. Er utrolig heldig, og kan bare ikke vente! :)

* I have got some good news to you guys!

The time is finally here to tell you that I am moving out! I cant wait for the keys to be picked up and move all my stuff into the apartment.
Pictures are coming when I get started moving in, and when getting settled! Wish me luck!


A big secret

Have you ever felt like there is just so much you want to tell people. The butterflies in your tummy are just going crazy, and you just want to shout out the words. Keeping a secret is not really easy, especially not to me, cause I cant lie. I just cant. But this time, too much is going on, and I just cant tell no one.

Its probably gonna end in tears, but in happy tears, I hope.. And the days are numbered now... I just cant wait. Its like the world is spinning around my head..

In 8 days, the process of getting an apartment is getting started. I hope I will be the one getting one, cause I could really need a place of my own now. Starting at the university and having my own place, would be more than I could have asked for. Luckily I am working and earning money, so if the plans for this summer wont work with getting an apartment, I would just continue staying at home, and then try again next year, if not next year is the year Ill be buying my own apartment. There are so many opportunities, and if something doest work out, more doors will open and I will have other chances.

Today is gonna be a good day. After weeks of trying not to go to the dentist, I am finally giving in, due to no problems with my teeth. Afterwards I am going to the gym, and then home to get ready for work. YAY.. x)

Have a good day!

O happy day!

Hey guys!

So yesterday I screwed up, and forgot my shift at work. Due to lots of extra work, my head has not been working lately, so I unfortunately forgot and came 30 minutes later. I know. A bigscrew up..

Well. Besides that, my day has been amazing cause I have had a day off! I have been walking outside with Rose and just enjoyed the nice weather. Its so much fun to look at Rose to see how far she has come. Cause when I first met her, she didt listen outside when I called her name and it felt like she had never been walked with in a leash. Sometimes she took off, ran after cats, barked at people and had this odd behaviour. - Nothing is the same anymore. She comes when I call her name, the cats in the neighbourhood dont bother any longer, and I cannot recall her last bad behaviour, cause she is just such an angel! She is my angel.

Yesterday my sisters turned 13 years! My goodness! Give it up already, I just cant believe they are growing up so fast. But I am a proud big sister. Happy birthday! <3

Now in this moment, my third chocolate mask (3 days in a row now, lol) is put on, and Rose is all curled up next to me. I know its not, but my life is currently as close as it can be to perfect :)

Have a good night.
- Becca & Rose


We are now entering a new saturday, and closing up another friday night.

As our daily routine Rose and I have a grooming hour together, and just before going to bed; we both brush our teeth. So when her ears are done getting cleaned, she spins around, jumping like a gazelle, knowing we are ready to go snuggle up in bed..

Today my family, Rose and I have been walking together all around Jegers. It has been a terrific day! My goodness, the summer is getting even closer now! As we have been on our long walk, Rose and I have been training due to her tendency to bark at dogs and other human beings (especially men), but she is absolutely doing a lot better. With such a potential, I am sure she will quit bark at dogs in the end of this upcoming summer season!

But for now, I am just happy she is having a good time, and seems quite relaxed around my sisters, their sons and boyfriends who are visiting for easter.
So.. Tomorrow we are gonna spend the day in Mandal, with the rest of the whole family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and their children and friends and so on. I believe we are gonna be a huge crowd.

Happy easter <3

From Rose and I.


As the days go by here in Kristiansand, Monday comes faster than what I would like it to, and it makes me miss the weekend even more already.

Back in old tracks, I have finally found my motivation to focus on going to the gym; exercising like I did approximately 5 to 6 days a week in 2014. I found the inner strength to keep my head up and look forward, in other ways; I have moved on, and ready to push myself beyond my comfortable zone and reach for the impossible!

Quote for today:
"If you strongly believe that you can do something impossible, you will have the strength to do what people told you, you weren't able to do. Just prove them wrong."

As the title goes, I refer to the time in america when I was, in other words, a "bigger" girl, with less muscles and more fat.
I am gonna show you how much I have lost, I just need the strength and man up for it ;)

But for now, have a lovely start tomorrow! ITS MONDAY!


Wow. I am actually speechless!

Two days ago, the sun was shining and the weather gave Kristiansand the real feeling, telling us spring is on its way. Rose and I was at the beach taking pictures, enjoying the lovely company of ducks swimming around while she was hunting them back and forth. The temperature was amazing and the water was still cold but not as cold as a chill winter day.

Thats when I jinxed myself.... Cause damn... Its winter all over again!

Rose and I were thinking we should move somewhere warm, summer all year around is not a bad idea for us. We both love summer. But again, we love Norway, and thats like bursting our own dreaming bobble... lol

So while we wait for spring and summer to come, we can have a little sneak peak on our lovely spring-moment at the beach...


As the clock goes tick tack, the days go even faster.

I cannot believe it's already february, and the time goes by even faster now towards the summer.

When I put aside all my time to my boyfriend and family, work and school, and of course to my dear Royal Rose, is there not a lot of time left to work on my projects and hit the gym. My schedule is literally filled up. Now I appreciate all the time I get even more, to work and sleep, cause there is not much time for me to sleep. As I say; I can sleep when I get old. So every minute I get alone, is priceless. Although I enjoy work and school, I would more likely work out and spend as much time as I can with my boyfriend, family and friends. And Espen and I are going to the capital of Norway; Oslo, in two weeks. Can't wait to have some time away from Kristiansand.

As I said I have signed up for school, I now attend spanish course every tuesday. As a repetition from my first year in high school, 3 years ago. I have also started a few projects lately and I can't wait to show my results. I am knitting wool socks and a "plaid sweater" and sewing a kind of clothing pocket to my knittingneedles.

What I am most excited for, is that I have signed Rose and I up for competition in march. And the scary part is that we have never done it before. So cross your fingers, toes, paws and hope for good results! We cannot wait for the day to come, it's gonna be a blast showing her off to the judges!

Becca & Rose

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